25th August 2020

​On the 25th August, 2020 the sun sent on the life of a distinguished member of the legal profession in Guyana. Mr. Sase Narain, Senior Counsel, is today of beloved memory, having passed away in the forenoon, at the age of 95.

As pen is put to paper, we are reminded that, today we are Attorneys-at-Law, but our origins are from a separation between the pen (solicitor) and the voice (barristers). Senior, joined the legal profession in Guyana as a solicitor, demonstrating the power of the pen. ​Senior’s training, skill, and strength in drafting pleadings provided the instructions and foundation for many of the legendary barristers (advocates) recorded in the reports of cases in Guyana.

Clearly not content with the traditional in-office and supportive role of a solicitor, Senior accepted the platform for his voice to be heard in 1971, when he commenced his service as Speaker of the National Assembly of Guyana. A fierce, controlling and resounding voice heard in the halls of Parliament for in excess of​ twenty years.

His collective contributions to the legal profession in Guyana were recognised with Senior ‘Taking Silk’ and being admitted to the ​I​nner Bar, a distinction previously limited to Barristers. It is as a consequence of his decades of service to the law, that Senior will be part of the law reports, the Hansards of the Parliament and our beloved memory. There is yet another attribute of Senior which should leave an indelible impression on the minds of all legal practitioners, the art of drawing and preparing a Bill of Costs.

The​ Bar Association of Guyana extends deepest condolences to the family of Sase Narain, Senior Counsel, of blessed memory.

— THE END —​