17th January 2021

With the passing yesterday 16th January, 2021 of Mr. Clifton Mortimer Llewellyn John, SC, CCH, (‘Senior’), the records of The Bar Association of Guyana will be amended by the appending of an asterisk at the end of the name of one of the longest serving legal practitioners and supporters of the profession.

As members of the legal profession, we seek to distinguish ourselves amongst our colleagues and thereby make our own unique impact on the law and the society in which we practise, the profession. The legal career of Senior was one of distinction and impact, in the legal profession and the Guyana society. His service was recognized in 2015 with the award of the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH), our third highest national award. Senior has been part of and participated in over fifty years of the transformation of the legal profession, pre-independence, post-independence, pre-republican status, the 1980 constitutional reforms, the fusions of the legal profession, the 2003 Constitutional reforms, the 2016 Civil Procedure Rules, and in 2017 the personal achievement of admission to the Inner Bar. The name CML John, was a constant presence. His distinctive dress of the Nehru Collared Suit, his command of the Queen’s English, and a resounding voice which enhanced his stature, all elements of a distinguished gentleman in the Law.

For the Bar Association we have lost a constant supporter. Senior has never waived in his support for the association. His name is recorded as present at most meetings throughout the decades of our existence. Senior in recent years has even served as a member of the Bar Council, sharing his experience, guidance and wisdom with another generation of Attorneys-at-Law. With his passing, we have lost a colleague, mentor, supporter and friend.

The Bar Association of Guyana extends its deepest condolences to the family of Clifton Mortimer Llewlyn John, SC, CCH (of blessed memory), may his soul rest in eternal peace.

—– THE END —-