12th March 2022

As members of the legal profession woke in the morning of this 12th March, 2022 to meet the sunrise, we were informed of the sad news that the sun has set on the distinguished legal career of a worthy son of Guyana’s soil, a member of first the Bar and then the Bench, in the person of Justice Cecil Kennard, OR, CCH, Former Chancellor of the Judiciary of Guyana.

A distinguished jurist who delivered justice with the dignity befitting the revered Honourable which accompanies the word, Justice. His tall stature could be seen as an indicator that he would have made colossal strides through the course of his practice at the Bar and later service at the Bench, culminating in the attainment of the highest judicial office in Guyana, that of Chancellor.

The service to Guyana of Former Chancellor Kennard continued even after his retirement, as he was not content to ride off into the proverbial legal sunset. He served after his retirement from the Bench as Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority for some fifteen years. In recognition of the fact that members of the judiciary first serve as members of the Bar, Former Chancellor Kennard continued his service to the Bar. He never passed young Counsel with whom he was acquainted, without inquiring of his or her wellbeing, sharing a view on a topical legal issue and concluding the encounter always with a kind word of encouragement.

The records of the Court of Appeal will reflect one of his most recent addresses on the occasion of a Full Court sitting to pay tribute to another distinguished jurist. There Former Chancellor Kennard reminded us all that central to any system of democratic governance is the doctrine of separation of powers. For the administration of justice in Guyana, he was a champion of the doctrine of separation of powers, particularly in the face of executive excess, speaking out against violation without fear or favour.

The Bar Association of Guyana joins in grieving the loss of Justice Cecil Kennard, OR, CCH, Former Chancellor of the Judiciary of blessed memory. We extend our deepest sympathies to his caring, devoted and beloved wife, Mrs. Chan Kennard, son, daughter-in-law and extended family. May his soul rest in eternal perfect peace.