17th November 2019

It was with a sincere sense of loss, together with an appreciation of the blessing of mercy, that The Bar Association of Guyana was placed in a state of mourning with information of the death of former Chief Justice acting, Senior Counsel Ian Chang, C.C.H. who died on the 16th November, 2019.

For Chang, S.C., he made law his life. His life was a testimony of dedication in, and to the law. His love for the law, was one he demonstrated and shared with all of us who had any opportunity to have an interaction with him. This affection for the law, was revealed and communicated in words, thoughts and actions which can be described as “Chang style”. We of the Bar Association know that his death is a loss of a friend and a mentor.

His service was first at the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions, then after a short period in private practice, his service to the judiciary commenced and concluded with his retirement as acting Chief Justice. His death is therefore a loss both for the profession as well as the judiciary. In death, we remember and reflect on the life. For Chang, S.C., his life will live on in the memories of us at the Bar, together with the volumes of his written decisions. For many of us at the Bar, he will always fondly be remembered simply as ‘Chief’.

The Bar Association of Guyana extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to his sorrowing relatives and friends at this time. He is now former Chief Justice acting, Senior Counsel Ian Chang of Blessed Memory.

——-THE END——