17th July 2020

The Bar Council of The Bar Association of Guyana unreservedly condemns the recent attacks, through various forms of media, social and otherwise, now this time targeted at Attorneys-at-Law appearing in legal proceedings before the Court, touching and concerning the General and Regional Elections held on March 2, 2020; in particular, those against our esteemed colleague and former Solicitor General of Guyana, Mrs. Kim Kyte-Thomas for who the vilest personal attacks appears to have been reserved over the past two days.

As recently as last week we were compelled to speak in light of escalated statements aimed at the judiciary, inter alia, in an appalling effort to alter the course of justice. It would appear that persons not being so successful have now resorted to a lower level of depravity. The embarrassingly protracted election process has resulted in a heightened political atmosphere which has seen a pattern in personal attacks being levied against persons in the exercise of their profession and duties. Such attacks are wholly unacceptable, inappropriate and must be denounced.

Attorneys-at-Law are, by statute, officers of the Court and appear for their clients in discharge of their professional duty, under oath, without fear or favour.

We caution members of the public against such inflammatory, threatening and libelous statements which in addition to undermining the administration of justice and rule of law, could found the basis for the institution of legal proceedings and charges against such perpetrators.

—- THE END —-