26th January 2020

The Bar Association of Guyana mourns the death of Brynmor T. Pollard, S.C., who passed on the Friday 24th January, 2020.

The reflections on the service of a man or woman in the law, can be in both metaphoric and literal terms. For us in Guyana, when we mourn we speak in symbols of either the “blink of an eye” or the “dash between birth and death”. The literal interpretation of life in the law, is represented by the tangible impact of life spent in service to the law. For Pollard, S.C., the indelible imprint of his service to the law is seen in the Acts, Regulations and other laws of Guyana; the treaties and other instruments of CARICOM and the Commonwealth; and in later years in the columns of our daily periodicals. His legacy of service is further exemplified by his son our friend and colleague Andrew Pollard, S.C.

Brynmor T. Pollard, S.C., of blessed memory, was a true gentleman in and to the law in Guyana and CARCICOM, he will be missed. The Bar Association of Guyana expresses sincerest sympathies and condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

——-THE END——