15th June 2017



On 12 June, the Bar Council of the Bar Association of Guyana filed an application in the matter of Marcel Gaskin v The Attorney General of Guyana & Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Leader of the Opposition (Fixed Date Application No 160 of 2017, Demerara).

In that matter, which is being heard by Chief Justice George, Mr. Gaskin seeks certain declarations on the true interpretation of Article 161(2) of the Constitution of Guyana, which governs the appointment of the Chairman of the Elections Commission.

The Bar Council’s application, which was heard and granted on 14 June after no objection was offered by any of the parties, was brought under the new Civil Procedure Rules which gives the power to a judge to permit or invite anyone to intervene in proceedings as a friend of the Court, without becoming a party, for the purpose of rendering assistance to the Court by way of argument.

The Bar Council feels that it is its duty, where possible, to offer assistance to the Court in matters of national constitutional significance such as these proceedings and, in furtherance of that duty, the 12 members of the Bar Council are actively collaborating in the preparation of written arguments to be submitted by 21 June.