31st May 2023

The 44th Annual General Meeting of The Bar Association of Guyana was held today, 31st May, 2023 via Zoom Online Platform. 

As part of the proceedings, the Bar Council for the 2023-2024 fiscal year was elected. 

Mr. Ronald Burch-Smith was elected, unopposed, as President. Mr. Burch-Smith previously served as President of the association from 2013-2015. 

Ms. Pauline Chase who, by the rules of the association was ineligible for re-election having served two consecutive terms, was elected unopposed as Vice-President. Mr. Teni Housty was re-elected as the second Vice-President. 

Ms. Ashley King who served during the last term as Assistant Secretary was elected, also unopposed, to the post of Secretary. Ms. Trevona Weekes was elected as the new Assistant Secretary and Ms. Yashmini Singh was returned as Treasurer of the association. 

The other elected members of the Bar Council are Mr. Robin Stoby, SC, Ms. Jamela A. Ali, SC, Mr. Keoma D. Griffith, Mr. Kamal Ramkarran, Mr. Naresh Poonai and Mr. Horatio Edmonson. 

Ms. Sandia Ramnarine served as the Returning Officer. 

Dated 31st May, 2023  

– — THE END —