26th March 2022

​The Bar Association of Guyana will be hosting its Inaugural Law Week between April 3-9, 2022 under the theme “Advancing the Rule of Law in the New Normal”.

“Law Week” is an annual event undertaken by Bar Associations in many jurisdictions around the world aimed at promoting public understanding of the Rule of Law and its role in society.

In this vein, The Bar Association of Guyana will be hosting a week of activities geared towards capacity building for members of the Bar while enhancing collaborations between the Judiciary and agencies which advance the Rule of Law in Guyana.

The week of activities will commence with a Walk-a-thon on Sunday, April 3rd. The Walk-a-thon will depart the vicinity of the Office of the President, the seat of the Executive arm of the State, at the Square of the Revolution heading west up Brickdam to Parliament Buildings, the Seat of the Legislative arm of the State and then proceeding north into High Street, passing the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and High Court to end at the Court of Appeal, all three levels of the Judicial arm of the State. This route was chosen as it takes in all three arms of the State, in keeping with our theme. Breakfast follows at the Pegasus Hotel. The walk is expected to attract participants from the Bench, Bar, Diplomatic Corps, Executive and Legislative Arms of the State, Business Executives. We invite members of the public to join us in acknowledging the important role of the Rule of Law in society.

The following day, the Bar Association will host “Pro Bono Monday” in collaboration with the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic. Members of the Bar will give of their time and service at the offices of the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic throughout the country, at no cost.

On Tuesday 5th April, the Sessions for the April term will open. For the first time since 2020, the ceremonial parade will be held. Also, for the first time, an “After Ceremonial Programme” will follow which will see addressees by the President of the Bar Association, Ms. Pauline Chase; the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ms. Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC; the Hon. Attorney General, Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, SC, MP; the Hon. Chief Justice (ag.), Madam Justice Roxane George, SC and the Hon. Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag.), Madam Justice Yonnette Cummings-Edward, CCH. This event takes place at the Victoria Law Courts.

In collaboration with the Organisation of Commonwealth Caribbean Law Associations (OCCBA), a Virtual Law Conference will be held on Wednesday 6th April. Presentations will be made by esteemed members of the local Bench and Bar, the Caribbean Court of Justice and the UK Bar Council on various areas of the law.

Career Guidance for a profession in the law will be facilitated by members of the Bar for students at a number of High Schools throughout the country. A Discussion Forum will be held in the evening for members of the Bar.

On Friday 8th February, a Symposium will be held at the University of Guyana through their Law Department for an engagement on various paths and opportunities within the legal profession.

Saturday 9th April, the week comes to an end with our marquee event, the Bar Dinner at the Guyana Marriott Hotel. The Honourable Mr. Justice Adrian Saunders, President of the Caribbean Court of Justice will deliver the Keynote Address.

The Bar Association welcomes and looks forward to participation in the upcoming week of activities.